News Release April 6, 2007

KAIREN announces a set of "Sign as VGA" series compatible with smartphones

KAIREN announced on April 6, 2007 that they released a set and an extendable optional kit compatible with "Sign as VGA" Windows Mobile 5.0 series onward, the innovative USB peripheral device which brought KAIREN to expand into the multi display world.

This product enables to perform a multi display on the mobile terminals with Windows Mobile 5.0 installed such as Willcom W-ZERO3[es] by using "Sign as VGA" series.

More details are shown below.

【 Features 】
Performs a multi display (mirror display only) on the mobile terminal by using USB host cable and a driver compatible with Windows Mobile 5.0

Enables power supply from USB port of the PC or from household wall sockets by adopting Y cable, so that no power consumption is required from the battery attached to the unit
Enables realtime display in full-screen size of 640x480

【 Specification (1) 】
Product Name : Sign as VGA White Box:Mobile Connectivity Set (tentative)
JAN : 4571139329189
Estimated Price : 17,000 JPY (tax included)
Package Contents : 
 Sign as VGA White Box Unit
 Dedicated driver for Windows Mobile
 USB Host Y Cable
 USB Power Adapter
【 Specification (2) 】
Product Name : Mobile Connectivity Set for "Sign as VGA" series (tentative)
JAN : 4571139329196
Estimated Price : 8,400 JPY (tax included)
Package Contents : 
 Dedicated driver for Windows Mobile
 USB Host Y Cable
 USB Power Adapter

【 Sales 】
Pre-order sales are expected to be performed at Willcom stores from the beginning of May 2007 for "Sign as VGA White Box : Mobile Connectivity Set (tentative)" with "Mobile Connectivity Set (tentative)" enclosed.
"Mobile Connectivity Kit (tentative)" is expected to be sold singularly at the general merchandising stores throughout the country from June 2007.

【 Display 】
Actual equipment demonstration is available at the store below for more details on the product.
PC Shop Ark (
【 Evaluation 】
A rental service of the connectivity kit for evaluation is available. Please be noted that as there in only a limited numbers of unit for rentals, all rental requests are accepted in order of arrival when the number of applicants exceed the quota.
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