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Product design with classical SF image
"JULES" is a neo-futuristic PC case with providing a sense of nostalgia was named after Jules Verne, a founder of SF novels, with the intention to express Jules Verne world-view. As this year is his 100 th year anniversary after his death, new books or special number of magazines related to Jules Verne are issued consistently and many memorial events and symposiums are held at his homeland, France. There is no outstanding activities are seen at the moment in Japan, however, we would like to propose "JULES" as a new PC case founder in prior to the upcoming trend.

Autour de la Lune:Around the Moon
"Autour de la Lune:Around the Moon", one of the representative novels of Jules Verne. "JULES" logo with an image of phases of the moon makes the user to fee something magical by looking at the specific shape. As the fluorescent tube is attached for logo at the front with standard version, you can use it even in the dark as it glows in the dark with tenderness.

Building an attractive case with "Stage" layout
You can store power supply and drives on the bottom part of the case while placing motherboard, various cards or CPU cooler neatly on the top part of the atrium-shaped stage. It maintains a high cooling performance by releasing the heat generated on parts.

A Detachable dome panel capable of opening and closing smoothly
Since the dome panel with bending work processed has only a few points for fixing screws, it can be easily detached compared with general PC case.
It also keeps a high maintenance performance as the motherboard surface is completely opened.
Product Name JULES・LUNA LUNA・Pattern
Model Number JULES-LLP
JAN 4571139322128
Description ATX compatible acrylic PC case of separate type
Specification ATX・MicroATX
Supported Power Supply Compatible with ATX Power Supply (*Power supply is NOT attached)
Unit Size・Weight Unit Size:410(W)×370(H)×330(D)mm Weight:6650g
Open Bay 5 inch Bay x 2
Shadow Bay 3.5 inch bay x2 (*1 unit is used exclusively with the rear fan )
Fan Hole 8cm Fan type x3 (*Fan is NOT attached)
Exterior (top part) Material High-purity Acrylic Panel (transparent)
Exterior (bottom part) Material High-purity Acrylic Panel (black)
Chassis (bottom side part) Material Machined Aluminum (Silver)
Power LED Blue x 1
HDD LED Blue x 1
Package Contents Case body, wheel foot parts,
instruction manual, work gloves
Notes ●No assembly parts such as power supply or others are attached to this product.
●Both cross slot screwdriver and flat-blade screwdriver are required for assembling this product.

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